chuck chuck verb (informal) 1. (especially BrE) to throw sth carelessly or without much thought • (随便或贸然地)扔,抛 ▪ [VN , usually +adv. / prep.]
»He chucked the paper in a drawer.
▪ [VNN]
»Chuck me the newspaper, would you?
--› note at throw ▪ [also V] 2. [VN] chuck sth (in / up) to give up or stop doing sth • 放弃;停止;终止:
»You havenˈt chucked your job!
»Iˈm going to chuck it all in (= give up my job) and go abroad.
3. [VN] (BrE) to leave your boyfriend or girlfriend and stop having a relationship with him or her • 终止(或断绝)恋爱关系:
»Has he chucked her?
4. [VN] (informal) to throw sth away • 扔掉;丢弃;抛弃:
»Thatˈs no good—just chuck it.
【IDIOMS】 chuck sb under the chin •(old-fashioned, BrE) to touch sb gently under the chin in a friendly way • 轻抚某人的下巴 itˈs ˈchucking it down (BrE, informal) • itˈs raining heavily • 下着倾盆大雨;大雨滂沱 【PHR V】 ˌchuck sth∽aˈway | ˌchuck sth∽ˈout • to throw sth away • 扔掉;丢弃;抛弃:
»Those old clothes can be chucked out.
ˌchuck sb ˈoff (sth) | ˌchuck sb ˈout (of sth) • to force sb to leave a place or a job • 撵走;解雇:
»They got chucked off the bus.
»You canˈt just chuck him out.
noun 1. a part of a tool such as a drill that can be adjusted to hold sth tightly • (固定钻头等用的)夹盘,卡盘,夹头 2. [sing.] (NEngE, informal) a friendly way of addressing sb • (熟人之间友好的称呼)小亲亲:
»Whatˈs up with you, chuck?
3. (also ˌchuck ˈsteak) [U] meat from the shoulder of a cow • 牛肩胛肉
* * *
n. 撫弄, 趕走, 扔, 拋棄, (牛)頸肉, 咯咯聲, 卡盤, 解僱
vt. 輕拍, 拋擲, 驅逐, 丟棄, 用卡盤夾住﹔iv.作咯咯聲

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.

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